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Czech Association of Film Editors (A.F.S.)

Audio-visual culture is a building block of contemporary culture. It subsumes both works of permanent value and one-off actualities. Audio-visual works are instrument of thinking. Adresses masses but are intimate all at once. Audio-visual work is the parallel language of today. They introduce new topics and creates myths. They have power to change the way we perceive the world.

The editing is the heartbeat of a film. It forms relationships of visual and sound takes, defines their meaning, indicates their tempo and rhythm. Editing is an interpretation of filmed reality. Which implies responsibility for those, who build it.

The editing is the definitive stage of the composition process and thus of the meaning of a film. In this stage, the only thing that matters is everything that was charged into the material. Work of every single participating person is at stake.

Czech Association of Film Editors (A.F.S.) advocates for such working conditions that would correspond with the severity and responsibility of the profession. Association of film editors endorses the advancement of knowledge and skills of its members. The Association of film editors endeavors after quality of editing to raise the standard of czech audio-visual culture as a whole.

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